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My First Garden

All of a sudden, you see birds fly here and there, bugs, butterflies, veggie-mosquitoes (Yeah, yeah these are veggies you see? - they don't bite us, but roam around the garden and are super huge! God knows what they feed on o.O) and bees buzz around everywhere. That's when you start seeing people outside. Just like howants come out back home before the Summer is on, the people begin to come out of their cocoon.. So here comes another story to my 'Firsts'.

Down The Road this Summer

This Summer was not so evident that it was actually 'Summer'! I mean, I never felt scorching heat the whole week conitunously, not able to sit at home without looking for a fan etc (That's the only part of the year where you look out for a fan!) It was even more weird because of the constant wind storms or the dark grey sky that clouds all on a sudden. There was also an evening when the trains were cancelled due to fallen trees on tracks (Dargh, S and I got horribly stuck that day and the DB arranged for taxis back to our town - Well that was a rarity. Considering they had to disperse ALL of the crowd: Some by taxi and the others by giving them Hotel Gutscheins)
What's with this Summer?
We were almost certain - waiting for the cold to kick us beforehand. Just when we thought so, came the week with Heat.