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My First Garden

All of a sudden, you see birds fly here and there, bugs, butterflies, veggie-mosquitoes (Yeah, yeah these are veggies you see? - they don't bite us, but roam around the garden and are super huge! God knows what they feed on o.O) and bees buzz around everywhere. That's when you start seeing people outside. Just like howants come out back home before the Summer is on, the people begin to come out of their cocoon.. So here comes another story to my 'Firsts'.

A Bite from the Belgian Culture

Of all places I'd been to, Belgium has been my foodie favorite - Yeah, the world knows Belgium for its Chocolates, Waffles, Fries and Beer. I always am super excited especially of Food- Swiss chocs : check, Italian pizzas: check and now its time to double check the Belgian pralines! So hii everyone, time for some quickbites!